The Daguerre Foundation has chosen the theme "Planet Human" for the 2021 edition. This theme is partly inspired by the corona crisis, which has brought our daily lives to a standstill in record time. Nothing is the same any more and our mortality suddenly no longer seems a 'far from my bed show'. Besides a great deal of panic and unrest, we are also forced to think about our way of life.

What are we leaving behind as human beings? Who are we as human beings, apart from the fact that we exist? How do we express ourselves? What are our dreams? What do they look like? How do we love? How do we experience pain, happiness and how do we grow? Don't our imperfections and dark parts of our collective existence make us human? And then we can ask another pressing question: how do we capture these emotions?

Photography is the ideal tool for this, as it captures our existence in all its beauty and rejection.

What happens to all our art when nature takes it from us? Is it worth it, or is it pure vanity to want to preserve our creations for eternity and preferably for the whole universe? Are we just snapshots and are our works of art just part of nature, where everything returns to dust? Stonehenge, the mythical statues of Easter Island, the city of Petra in the mountains of Jordan and the Egyptian Pyramids prove the opposite and are still, centuries later, powerful evidence of civilisations that no longer exist. We enjoy these beautiful works of art and therefore we also have the duty to preserve everything that is beautiful and good, so that others (even beyond this earth) may also enjoy and learn from our view later on.

Let us safeguard the legacy of the future and do everything we can to preserve our 'Planet Human' and proudly show who we are, in all our facets, good and bad. we will be looking for answers to these questions during this exhibition.

With this in mind, we want to organise a regional exhibition that will showcase tantalising, high-quality images!


A jury will decide which photos will be exhibited on the frames placed for that purpose on the square in front of the Nieuwe Kerk in Zierikzee. The photos will be printed on PVC by the organisation.

Registration criteria for photographers National Geographic Zierikzee 2021:

1- Send a maximum of 3 digital photos (300 px/inch, jpeg) of a maximum size of 1 mb a picture

2- A brief description of the (max. 150 words)

3- A brief description of the photographer icl. Name and address details (max. 150 words)

Please send all requested files in 1 mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l before 27 June 2021.